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Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski on Today Sunday August 15, 2010
Mika Brzezinski on Today Sunday August 15, 2010

Mika Brezinski is a journalist and presently co-anchor of Morning Joe. She is a intelligent and beautiful woman but I wish at times she would make her views more present on Morning Joe.  I think she wants to keep her journalistic credibility next to the right wing Joe Scarborough.

I know she’s a liberal, her father, Dr. Zbigniew Brezinski, was the Democratic National Security Advisor under President Carter.  But more times than not she ends up biting her tongue and keeping her mouth shut while Joe Scarborough is blabbering on about his conservative views.

When Joe Scarborough is off Mika takes control of the show and she feels much more at ease and open.  I’m not saying that Joe & Mika don’t have a good dynamic, but when Joe is out of the picture she is able to freely express her opinions with out Joe barking in and constantly interrupting her even when she is reading the news.

I love watching Morning Joe it is must see TV and I TiVo it every day.  As the show is described by the third co-host, Willie Geist, the viewer feels they could delve right into the political conversation with today’s news makers and the politicians in Washington.

She is always on set on time when the show broadcasts from 30 Rock in New York City or WRC-TV in Washington D.C. but for some reason when ever they are in a different time zone she always shows up in the shows second hour, forcing Joe to be on time.  Maybe its because “Mommy needs her ambien.”

See below for some screen captures of this beautiful woman from the Today Show from this past weekend August 14th and 15th.

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