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Something You Don’t See Every Day

This appeared on screen for about five seconds before Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I’ve let my domain name, RKOLSEN.COM expire and for a month and a half I could not renew it. So what do I do, renew it in the middle of the night and let GoDaddy.com host my website.

I have no idea what I am going to blog about. I am fascinated my political news, local news news in general, the technology behind the news, television and everything else.  If you ever come over to my house and look at my TiVo you will find that most of the recordings are from MSNBC, CNN and HLN.    I do also watch other programs but news pretty much dominates my life.

Last week I watched the end of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and proceeded  onto watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  But for about five seconds between the closing credits of Leno and Fallon these color bars show up.

From my previous research and fascination with all things technology I knew what most of the words on the card represented.  I knew that my local NBC affiliate, WBAL TV, appears to get it’s feed from Washington, D.C.’s NBC station, WRC-TV.  The 20 dBFS represents the amplitude of the wavelength that NBC is broadcasting on.  That 16:9 is the aspect ratio that HDTV’s are manufactured for and that NBC broadcasts at 1080i represents the number of horizontal lines in the picture and that the “i” represents that the signal is interlaced where the even and odd lines switch back and forth to save bandwidth while still creating a stellar picture.  But the one thing that had me confused was what VALID (Video Audio Lineup & ID) means.  Apparently in layman’s  terms VALID represents is a method of syncing the audio and video of a television broadcast so that the talking head’s lips aren’t moving but your still hearing them speak.

Maybe I should pursue a career in broadcast technology working at a news station.